Witz NFT, 50 weeks of PR, IoT patent – Jasmy Updates

The #Jasmy #price seems to show some actions, so here the newest positive signals: A new #NFT show case with Witz Inc. was just announced, more #PR efforts and Jasmu Corp. just received a pretty interesting #IoT patent.

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Fundamentals about JasmyCoin (#JASMY): https://youtu.be/KO0Z8wBS2Bc
Is Jasmy a stealth project of SONY?: https://youtu.be/QE-rcf4cKQ4

This is not financial advice. Do your own research. Here all the sources I used for my research:

Witz NFT:

DX Expo にて Jasmy NFT のプロトタイプを展示します

50 weeks of PR:

IoT patent:

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