What is JASMY: Japan’s First Approved Crypto

Jasmy is an organization that develops Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and decentralized data lockers. It’s also Japan’s first approved crypto, which is a big deal.

Data lockers are secure storage areas for an individual’s personal data, so with this concept, Jasmy is moving towards a goal of decentralizing data storage systems and networks. The distributed network is based on technology such as blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and aims to democratize the current data systems in place.

Essentially, Jasmy wants to put internet users in control of how their data is used, including making it possible to be paid for your data.

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00:00:00 Overview of Jasmy
00:01:46 What does Jasmy do?
00:02:15 How does Jasmy’s IoT service work?
00:04:06 What technologies does Jasmy use?
00:06:15 Who’s behind Jasmy?
00:07:11 Is Jasmy a good investment?

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